Upcoming 2018: Choice of Games interactive novel

Get Seen Tonight (Spring Thing 2017 entrant)
She’s a whole lot stronger than she thinks.
A science fiction game made in Texture about a cop who’s fallen for her torch singer mob informant. Can they get out of the big smoke with their voices intact?
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Teeth and Ice (sub-Q Magazine, 2017)
It would be mine.
A Raconteur dark fantasy short story about a selkie reclaiming their skin.
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Enough (TinyUtopias IF jam entrant, 2016)
You’re doing OK.
A tiny Twine about comfort.
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Heretic Dreams (sub-Q Magazine, 2016)
They would call what you did heresy. And they would be right.
A Twine about a pathfinder leading their mining expedition to disaster. Published in sub-Q Magazine in March 2016.
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swept up (originally released 2014; reprinted 2015 in sub-Q Magazine)
and she’s drumming her fingers on the wheel and watching you sideways, gaze flickering back-forth-back like she doesn’t know if she wants to punch you or kiss you or eat you
A Twine about blood, violent girls, and the desert. In 2015 swept up was reprinted in sub-Q Magazine.
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Cute Guys (And The Lies You Tell Them)

A series of Twines about someone with secrets and the people they try to connect with.

1: Aquarium (2014)
You’re seventeen. It’s dark in here.
Skip school with a cute boy.
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2. Thanksgiving (2015)
You’re twenty-one. It’s dark in here.
Meet your boyfriend’s nosy folks for the first time and try to keep your story straight.
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Co-created Faren Blacknall (2009), The Luxley Family (2007) and Nathaniel Aplin-Fletcher (2005), three joinable NPC mods for Baldur’s Gate II. Popular for years after their release, these mods add extensive content to the original game including gay and bisexual romantic content, highly-developed friendly relationships, and original plots with multiple decision points and outcomes.